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The parenting experience is full of fun and exciting adventures, as well as many character building moments. In the midst of living life, and keeping our teens on the right track so they can graduate and become the adult they want to be, there are many things we need to teach them so they can thrive when they go. Check out this list taken from Harry H. Harrison Jr.’s book: 1001 Things Teens Should Know Before They Leave Home.

>They should know the lifestyle they enjoyed growing up is not waiting for them upon graduation.
>They should know everybody isn’t doing better than they are. In fact, most of the world isn’t doing as well as they are.
> They should know the media are selling them on a lifestyle that is essentially unattainable.
> They should know life isn’t fair. And be grateful for that.
> They should know life isn’t about avoiding struggles, but overcoming them.
> They should know the solution to running low on money isn’t to start spending more.
> They should know to seek the advice of a mentor. Not the wisdom of their unemployed friends.
> They should know successful people don’t take rejection personally. They just assume that the other people are wrong.
> They should know overcoming difficult times is how people gain self-respect. And the respect of others.
> They should know life is all about negotiation. A skill they learned when they were six.
> They should know they’ll feel a lot better about everything if they get a good night’s sleep.
> Exhaustion can make everything seem darker.
> They should know to show up on time. For interview. For class. For work. For relationships.
> They should know the successful person does things other people don’t like to do. They should know to show up for work clear-eyed and alert. Not exhausted, hung over and begging people for aspirin.
> They should know to not naively believe everyone is good and has their best interest at heart.
> They should know that if they don’t know what they’re talking about, stay silent.
> They should know what they’re capable of doing for a living. Not just what they’d like to do.
> They should know the best time to start networking is way before they actually need a network.
> They should know summer internships lead to job offers.
> They should know the people they meet in college and graduate schools are future clients, customers or employers. Don’t lose
track of them.
> They should know to think long term. Success doesn’t happen overnight. It often takes years.
> They should know that sometimes life takes working two jobs.
> They should know that if they can’t afford to pay cash, they can’t afford it.
> They should know where their money is, where it’s going, and how to get it.

For more insightful tips, pick up a copy of: 1001 Things Teens Should Know Before They Leave Home at your local bookstore.

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