Ideas to help teens manage social distancing


  • For juniors, suggest they check out virtual tours of colleges,and visit Kahn Academy for some SAT prep.
  • For seniors, have them make a slideshow of photos to play at the graduation partythat WILL happen some day in the future.
  • Let them pick where to order take-out from.
  • Remind them how much they used to enjoy playing an instrument, then put out that guitar, ukulele, flute, or book of piano music. 
  • Put out a set of oil or watercolor paints, and text them a link to a free online painting lesson. 
  • Put out a couple of yoga mats and invite them to join you for an engaging online yoga class. 
  • Invite them on a hike or a walk, or encourage them to meet friends for one (at a safe distance.)
  • Teach them how to cook a favorite meal. If lacking inspiration, follow a chef online.
  • Ask them to bake something with you, or on their own, if they would prefer.
  • Ask them to pick a film and plan a movie night.
  • Suggest a series to binge-watch together, or ask them to pick one.
  • Find a really interesting documentary and invite them to join you.
  • Invite them to family board game night
  • Ask them if they’d like help organizing, cleaning out, or rearranging their bedroom. 
  • Suggest they separate out clothes they no longer wear, and prep them for donation.
  • Offer them opportunities to do housework or yardwork and earn money.
  • Loan them a good camera and suggest they go outside and do some nature photography. 
  • Suggest they use YouTube to learn a new hobby.
  • Have them pick out a comedian they like, or suggest one, and watch a stand-up act.
  • Ask them to learn a new way to braid hair, with a sibling, or with you as the guinea pig.
  • Suggest they put on their favorite playlist and take a bubble bath, suggest a deep conditioning and face mask to go with the bath.
  • Invite them to an afternoon of spa treatments. Give each other manicures, pedicures, foot rubs, and facials. 
  • Start an intricate puzzle and ask them to help work on it.  
  • Suggest an engaging novel to read.
  • See if they are interested in making a family tree.
  • Suggest they make a bucket list of all the things they’d like to do together as a family before they move out.