Movies That Inspire Gratitude

It's important for kids to learn the value of being aware of and thankful for the good things in their lives.

Teaching Kids the Expressions of Gratitude

No matter how big or small, kids are grateful for many things.


14 Ways to Connect with One Another

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Get Crafty

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Find Your Tribe

Spending time with friends will make you happier and healthier.


In the 1st century AD, Roman men as well as women used cosmetics -- lightening their skin with powder, applying red pigment to their cheeks, and painting their nails, though you'd hardly want to use …


No matter where your marriage is, it can always become stronger. Here are some ideas for those who want to shake things up a bit. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand your spouse. …

Managing Your Money

Help For The Self-Employed

(NAPSI)—Whether you run a part-time business, do freelance work, or own your own business, you’re in good company. About 16 million adults in America work for themselves, and nearly half …