Find the outdoors with your special someone.


Grab your special someone and try some of these great ideas to break out of your date night rut.

Dinner Date Night On-the-Go!
From tacos to crepes to gourmet grilled cheese, you can find a fun food truck for just about any kind of cuisine now. There’s just something so great about dinner (or dessert!) served from a brightly painted truck. Maybe it’s the fact that you have to hunt it down, or maybe it’s just an out-of-the-box way to get your grub! So get ready for a fun twist on dinner out!

Hiking Date

Say goodbye to daily distractions and escape with your sweetheart to the great outdoors! Nature is seriously one of the best places to connect and strengthen relationships. Nature is full of so many beautiful things to explore and there are endless ideas of things to do to make memories that you’ll love for years to come!

Date Night Without Leaving Your Car!

Life can get complicated, but date night doesn’t have to be! One of my favorite date night ideas involves grabbing takeout, some pillows/blankets, a laptop, and a movie. Then, you drive with your spouse to an isolated location and park! You can enjoy dinner, chat, maybe watch a movie, etc. Most important: you cuddle up for a date night that is fun, relaxing and romantic.

Star Gazing Date Night
Cuddling up with your sweetheart while doing some serious stargazing is the perfect romantic date night for summer! Whether you’re at the fire pit in your backyard or loading up a basket for a trip up the canyon - enjoy making s’mores together while stargazing! Pull everything together in a date night basket!

Summer Picnic Scavenger Hunt
Often we associate a picnic with a sunny afternoon at the park, but how about a romantic picnic for two under the moonlight! Just picture it: a warm summer night, twinkling stars and a delicious dinner! It’s so easy it can be done in your own backyard. To make it even better, send your sweetie on a hunt leading to five different yummy treats for the picnic. Once all of the items have been collected, the last clue card can lead your sweetheart to you and the romantic moonlight picnic!