TEENS: Braving the Wild

Things your student needs to know


It’s that time of year when we launch a new generation of adolescents and young adults into the world of adulthood. Regardless if your graduate is leaving high school or college, the following life skills and lessons are extremely valuable ones to know.

  1. The lifestyle you enjoyed growing up is not waiting for you after graduation.
  2. Everybody isn’t doing better than you are. In fact, most of the world is doing worse.
  3. The media is selling you on a lifestyle that is essentially unobtainable.
  4. Life isn’t about avoiding struggles, but rather overcoming them.
  5. The solution to running low on money isn’t spending more.
  6. The amount of money people spend isn’t indicative of their wealth, but their values.
  7. Successful people don’t take rejection personally.
  8. Life is about negotiation—a skill you learned at six.
  9. One of the best tools for not looking stupid is to ask questions.
  10. The fine art of small talk can take you far.
  11. The best time to start networking is before you need a network.
  12. Basing your happiness on how you compare financially to your friends is a ticket to misery.
  13. Recognize the difference between a want and a need before you spend your money.
  14. There will be times when you can’t afford things. This is no reason to give up.
  15. There is no quick way to acquire wealth. It takes discipline and hard work.
  16. Learn how to persevere in difficult situations.
  17. The cure to feeling miserable and depressed is to go out and help someone less fortunate.
  18. Seek advice from a mentor rather than a friend.
  19. A budget isn’t meant to punish you, but rather to help you reach your financial goals.
  20. If getting a good job were easy everybody would have them.
  21. Try to make friends with people who aren’t like you.
  22. Suicide isn’t a real solution to anything.
  23. In five years, you don’t have to be the same person you are today.
  24. Victims are never happy.
  25. Partying and staying out late are not habits of successful adults.
  26. Mornings are actually a great time to get things done.
  27. A good night’s sleep often makes life seem much better.
  28. Cooking at home is cheaper than eating fast food.
  29. Healthy people ask for what they need.
  30. Good manners make people want to invite you to dinner, promote you and help you achieve your goals.