It’s almost time for fall break. Rather than heading out of town, with a little planning, you can get the benefits of a vacation while staying right at home.

With frequent airline delays and long security lines, flying is not as fun as it used to be. Why not try something new: See your own city from a fresh perspective. Maybe you’ve lived in a place your whole life but never visited the prime attractions because “they’re for tourists.” If so, it’s time to become a tourist in your own town! You’ll get the same mood-boosting benefits of travel without spending money on flights or dragging your family through overcrowded attractions.

1. Get out of the house! Splurge and book a luxury hotel room downtown for the weekend; that’s how you know you’re on vacation. 

2. Travel in style. If you live in a driving city, do this right: Ditch the sedan and rent a convertible or sports car. 

3. Visit the professionals. This may sound silly, but have you ever thought about visiting your local tourism office? It’s there for a reason. When looking for fun ideas and destinations, talk to these paid professionals—or at least visit their website.

4. Book a guided tour. Take a docent-led architectural, historical or other walking tour to gain a deep, new understanding of your surroundings. 

5. Venture outside your routine. You know that new art museum, gallery, bookstore and restaurant you’ve wanted to try but haven’t had the time? Now is the time. 

6. Hit the water. Go to the lake and book a place to stay while it’s still warm.

7. Find your hidden nature. There’s a park or nature preserve near you that’s waiting to be discovered. Find it! 

8. Toast the town. Visit a famous old-timey restaurant that serves the “best” and have a blast.