Start with Why


DO you want to live simpler life? What do you crave about it? Why are you interested in creating a slower life? The best way to make progress when you desire to change your habits is to know the answers before you start. If you’re truly motivated to make lasting change, grab a notebook and start brainstorming.

Write down your goals
What do you want from this change? Where do you feel the greatest need
to slow down and simplify? What do you stand to gain?

Write down your strengths
Think about what you are good at?

Write down your weaknesses
What challenges will you face? What circumstances will make change harder for you?

Evaluate your answers
Make sure you’re changing for the right reasons. You need to understand that your journey won’t look like anyone else’s.

Go for it
Committing goals to paper helps you achieve them. Keep your notes in a convenient place so when you face challenges you can remind yourself of your WHY.

After you’ve established your why, you need to accept your current circumstances, limitations, strengths and weaknesses. If you don’t start out from a place of acceptance, then the work you’ve put in to creating a simpler, slower life will be overshadowed by feelings of inadequacy, guilt and comparison. Remember, simplifying your life is not a sprint—it’s a marathon.

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