As adults, we pay lip service to seeing the world through kids’ curious, unjaded eyes. And it’s true, that view is lovely. But even better in our opinion is that being with children also means you actually get to be a kid sometimes!

If you need a reminder of how ridiculously fun (and just ridiculous) parenting and grandparenting can be, here are some reasons why hanging out with kids is a blast.

  1. Riding carousels. 
  2. Trick or treating at Halloween, and the vicarious thrill of wondering who will open the door and what kind of candy they will offer. 
  3. Sliding down the fireman pole at the playground. 
  4. Catching snippets of the teen shows the kids are watching in the other room and laughing more than you ever do at grown-up sitcoms. 
  5. Bouncy castles. 
  6. Sucking the helium out of balloons and then singing “Happy Birthday” in your leprechaun voice. 
  7. Jumping on a trampoline. 
  8. Skipping! 
  9. Lacing up roller skates for the first time in 20 years and realizing, once you’re out in the rink, that you’ve still got it. 
  10. Having an excuse to see all the latest animated kids movies. 
  11. Family sing-alongs in the car, windows down, headed home from dinner. 
  12. Finger painting. 
  13. Chuckling at your ignorance of today’s slang—who knew “jello” or “jelly” means “jealous”? 
  14. Buying Maroon 5 songs on iTunes “for your kids.” 
  15. Slip’N Slides. 
  16. Jumping in leaf piles and picking tiny twigs out of your hair the rest of the day. 
  17. Spending way too much money at a video arcade. 
  18. Swinging at the playground, looking up at the sky. 
  19. Bowling with the bumpers up. 
  20. Living-room dance parties. Children don’t care that you have no rhythm. 
  21. Blowing and popping bubbles. Save some for the kids! 
  22. Playing backyard baseball. 
  23. Jumping rope. 
  24. Scootering, skateboarding and RipStik riding. 
  25. Playing dress up with all the clothes in your closet.