Make Memories


Life as a family can have it’s up and downs. Between school activities, athletics, musical endeavors and other clubs, it’s hard to find things to accomplish together that make lasting memories in your family. Assembling a family bucket list can allow you to create opportunities for you and your children accomplish your dreams together.

Yearly, each family member picks one item from the list to complete before the end of the year—and the entire family joins in on the adventure. These activities can enhance your family’s identity and create incredible stories and photo albums for years to come. Here are some ideas you might present to your family to get their creativity flowing.

· Skydive Swim with a school of fish · Whitewater raft

· Go whale watching · Snowboard

· See the salmon run · Jump off a cliff

· Raise a guide dog · Go rock climbing

· Milk a cow · Ride in a hot air balloon

· Watch turtles hatch & run for the ocean · Take a helicopter ride

· Hike every trail at a state park  · Be a Big Brother/Sister

· Hold a tarantula · Sail a boat

· Feed a koala bear  · Rope swing into water

· Ride an elephant · Go on a Police Ride along

· Swim with turtles · Do a flip on a trampoline

· Build a house with Habitat for Humanity · Go clam digging

· Be an organ donor · Swim in the ocean

· Adopt an animal · Be a mentor

· Sing a karaoke duet · Plant a tree

· Send someone an anonymous gift · Organize a family portrait

· Get the life story of your grandparent · Share a fantasy