Let it Go!


Getting rid of stuff is very hard to do. It takes time; it can be very overwhelming, and most never know where to start or exactly how to chart or how to go about it.

In her book Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, Karen Kingston says, “Life is constant change. So when something comes into your life enjoy it, use it well, and when it is time, let it go. Just because you own something, it doesn’t mean that you have to keep it forever. You are just a temporary custodian of many things as they pass through your life.”

Whether you realize it or not, you have a relationship with everything you own. Each possession connects us with specific people, events or seasons in our lives. Deciding what to toss means connecting with each object, confronting its place in our lives and deciding what to do with it.

You probably have many different reasons for holding on to the clutter. It takes courage to let go, but if you don’t let go of old things, you can’t make room for new things. Here are some common reasons for not letting go:

Emotional attachment.

I can’t part with this … Remember, you can part with an item and still keep the memories

Status and security.

Your thoughts create your future. If you get rid of something thinking you will need it again as soon as you throw it away, chances are that’s what will happen! Trust that if you need this item in the future the universe will provide a better version.

Advertisers say you need it.

Our society is constantly bombarded with messages from advertising companies that say we need this and we need that. Next time an ad gives you the urge to buy something, stop and ask yourself if this item will be used continuously, or if it will bring you joy for more than two months. If you answer yes to one of these questions, it may be worth purchasing. If not, you will probably forget all about it in a week.

The mess is a distraction.

Some people like to cover themselves with clutter and keep busy with their mess to avoid their deep-down emotions. If this is where you are at, address your emotional issues first. Once you’ve healed your emotions, you’ll be more focused to organize and your results will last longer.

You want your money’s worth.

Owning an object is not the same as getting a return on your investment. You have to actually use it for it to be valuable to you. As you clear your clutter, take heart. The Internet and consignment shops make it easy to sell your unwanted belongings, so you can earn some money in addition to the satisfaction of clearing clutter.