Lead By Example


As parents, we all want our children to grow up to be adults with character and who care for others. In the haste of life, it’s hard to remember values are caught not taught. So this holiday season, make an intentional plan to cultivate your kids character by showing them how to connect with others. Here are a few ideas to help you start:

Take a tech fast
Conversation and bonding at the dinner table can easily give way to scrolling through your Facebook feed while your kids text their friends. Instead, try taking a tech fast for the entire day. Start conversations with open ended questions about
hopes, dreams and desires. Parent participation is required.

Serve others
Clear your calendar of sports, shopping and cleaning and schedule time to give back to you community. Volunteering at a soup kitchen or serving others will leave a lasting impact on your child’s life. You can also: organize a food drive, donate
toys or visit residents in an assisted living home.

Make a gratitude jar
As you prep for Thanksgiving, try instituting a “thankful jar” in a prominent place in your home. Leave a stack of sticky notes and a pen beside the jar, and ask your family to contribute notes to the jar whenever they feel grateful. 

Whether it’s being thankful for soccer practice or gratitude toward a family member for helping with chores, it just takes a couple of minutes to scribble a note and drop it in the jar. Then, at Thanksgiving dinner, you can take each note out and read it aloud.

Cultivating your children’s character is an activity that will take a lifetime, but making intentional efforts during the holidays provide a solid foundation for their future.