Half Way There!


It’s time to delve back into school and push towards the finish line with great grades and dynamic projects. Now that you’re back in the groove, a mid-year infusion of new technology and tools can provide the motivation needed to ace the rest of the year.

Here are several tools and technologies that can pave the way to better, more enthusiastic learning at home and in the classroom:

Social media
Teachers are increasingly communicating with students and parents over social media, whether it is tweeting updates about today’s lesson or field trip or using Pinterest to share ideas and student work. Seventy-one percent of teens use more than one social media site already, according to recent Pew research. Getting comfortable  using these tools in a more formal capacity, however, can have real world implications for students, as more industries and professions require social media proficiency.

Making music
Students and teachers of music know the varied benefits of a high-quality arts education. Learning music can help develop math and pattern recognition skills, increase coordination and foster left brain development, according to the National Association for Music Education. Be sure your tools of the trade are up to the task.

For students learning to play a keyboard, look for an instrument that features the same sound quality as a traditional piano, but also contains additional high-tech options and benefits.

Noise canceling headphones
Peace and quiet are not always available during crunch time, particularly for students with many siblings, or college students living in a dorm room.

Help scholars achieve greater serenity with a good set of noise canceling headphones that don’t compromise audio quality.

You can help make the school year feel new again with these simple tools to help students focus on learning, rather than being distracted by busy work.