Is your home your refuge?


HOME (n.) a story of who we are and a collection of all things we love. (Brad design as a piece of wall art)

Does your home meet this definition? Does it communicate all you love and adore or is it a

collection of items that cloud your daily existence?

Marie Kondo author of “Spark Joy” has suggested purging and organizing in accordance with

what brings you the most joy. I would agree with her philosophy. If our homes are cluttered

with objects that don't bring positivity into our lives then why have them? Here are three easy

steps to loving your home again.

Eliminate Clutter

Too much of anything is not a good thing. When our homes are filled with clutter, it can be difficult to find peace and get energy flow. It’s time to toss items you don't need.

Move items off counter tops and into drawers and cabinets. Your counter space should only be

Filled with items you love.

Show Off What Brings You Joy

Have you been on an amazing vacation, but it appears nowhere in your home? Pictures on your walls will provoke those same emotions. Do you have a pet you you love? Things that remind you of your dog would also be items to showcase. Items representing your passion for sports, wine, people, locations, bands, food or inspirational quotes, are all things that can be showcased in picture frames or boxes to be displayed in a modest way to evoke

the same emotions you feel when you are present in these moments.

Add Color

Color can change up a mood in any room. Here is a list of colors and the energies they evoke in a room.

Blue - calmness

Green - healing, balance

Yellow - warmth, energy, focus

Purple - wealth, wisdom

Orange - enthusiasm, attention

Pink - romance, kindness

Red - Love, excitement, passion

White - purity, innocence

Black - void, unhappiness

It’s wise to stick with neutral, or soft wall colors in these tones, and then add accessories with bold choices to get the energy and feel you want in the space. For example, a blue couch would be great in a family space to bring calm but then accenting with green would bring healing, yellow would bring energy.

Color doesn't have to be so planned or contrived. Take a look at what is around you and what happens in those rooms and you can change up the energy by just changing out a few color accents.

You can make these changes easily to add harmony and energy back into your home. Try

something new and see how that impacts the way you feel.

Courtney Cavanaugh Greger is a home improvement and design expert in Peoria. If you’d like to learn more about Courtney or learn how she can help you love your home, connect with her at courtneygreger@gmail.com.