Summer ideas to keep you active


Oh summertime. It’s July and you’ve plowed through your list of activities to keep your kids busy until August.

While watching television and eating ice cream may be at the top of their lists, you know how important it is that they keep moving. In fact, summers are the perfect time to put family fitness routines into practice. Here are three ways to get started:

Learn a new sport:
From tennis to golf to lacrosse, there are a variety of ways to experience healthy activities as a group. You can practice these sports at the local park or at a municipal golf course in your neighborhood.

Get wet:
Visit a lake and rent kayaks or paddleboards. If you’re family loves it, you can find used equipment online. Hanging on a lake is a great place to escape the heat and check out a fabulous Arizona sunset.

Host a dance party in your backyard! Better yet, sign your family up for line dancing or salsa lessons. Nothing is more fun than learning something new together.

Participate in a charity run:
Whether you’re a seasoned runner or have just signed up for your first 5K, many fundraising races are designed to accommodate the whole family. For younger children, search for events that allow baby strollers or that host a separate fun run for the kids.

Lead by example:
The next time you go to the gym or hit the court for a quick pick-up game, bring the kids with you. By highlighting the value of exercise and modeling proper form, you can help your kids gain the skills they need to be active for life. (Plus, the enthusiasm you have for your favorite hobby can be contagious!)

Staying fit shouldn’t be a chore. With a great attitude and a sense of adventure, getting fit as a family can be fun.