Find Peace

Reduce your stress this holiday season


A certain amount of stress is just part of the human experience—especially this time of year. It’s natural. Yet too many people suffer with severe stress that disrupts sleep, work performance, health, relationships and life satisfaction all year long. Find your calm this holiday season with these natural fixes:

Practice Yoga. Slow down and connect. There’s a form of yoga for every preference.
Meditate. Clear thoughts from your mind with deep breathing. Let the apps Headspace or Breethe become your mindfulness coach.

Exercise. It’s just science. Regular workouts combat stress and give you a dose of feel-good endorphins.

Stretch. It feels good, it’s good for you and it slows you down.

Take a bath. Bubbles and dim lighting can create a relaxing atmosphere (wine optional).

Hike for the exercise benefits and the calming landscape.

Try your hand at art. Paint. Color in an adult coloring book. Shape clay. Hands-on expression is a healthy outlet for stress.

Clean. Vigorous cleaning can give you a sense of accomplishment and order.

Punch a punching bag. Release stress through physical exertion.

Organize. Let’s face it. Stress is often caused by situations that feel out of our control. Organizing puts us back in the control seat and brings on the calm.

Talk therapy. A professional can help you process and rethink your beliefs. Gain new insights that empower you to defeat stress.

Sleep. Go for eight hours, even if you’ve tried to convince yourself you only need six.

Hug. Give them freely. Accept them regularly.

Practice gratitude. Ask yourself what’s good right now. Train your brain to notice everything that’s going right in your life.

Journal. Get what’s churning in your head on paper. It’s just cathartic and often the process leads to solutions.

Do one nice thing for someone. It’s human nature to help and it feels good for the receiver and the giver.

Let it go. If you can’t control it or change it, consider letting it go.