Date Night

Rekindle your romance!


All the relationship advice books say you’ve got to have scheduled date nights with your partner to keep your romance alive. What they don’t say is, the key to having a dynamic date night is to keep it interesting—and find ways to grow your relationship while exploring new things together. Try these date night ideas to rekindle your romance:

Surprise date
Every marriage needs the surprise date. I suggest each partner choose one date each month to plan fully without letting the other partner know. The surprise date gets to be a really special gift from the planner to the other partner.

Adventure date
Get out and get wild! Try something adventurous with your mate. Do a mud run or a scavenger hunt, hit the shooting range or paintball. If you have it in your area try bungee jumping, ATV riding or a ropes course. Check Groupon for ideas and discounts!

New to both date
It’s so much fun to discover something new together. Try a new restaurant, or type of cuisine. Head to a nearby town you haven’t explored yet (or try one of the ideas from the adventurous date). Maybe try a sport or activity neither of you have experienced before.

Competitive date
The competition date is always fun but can be dangerous if you’re highly competitive people. Go bowling, head to the gym or for a hike, play mini golf… anything that you can have a friendly challenge. If it’s an at-home date, whip out the cards or chess set. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Nostalgia date
Have you ever recreated your first date? Go to places you went when you first started seeing each other. If you now live in a different area you can wear something you would’ve worn, and play music you were listening to back then.

Other date night ideas:
Take dance lessons.
Create a playlist and take a long drive.
Make your favorite dinner together.
Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.
Spend an afternoon kayaking.
Invite friends over for a game night.
Stay the night at a resort you’ve always wanted to visit.
Plan a scavenger hunt.
Visit a vineyard and learn about local wines.