Create Connections


Today’s modern family juggles a multitude of obligations that keep schedules incredibly busy during the summertime. Here are 3 surprisingly simple ideas to help carve out more time for bonding and creating lasting memories with your family.

READ: When your kids are little, the day often ends with a storybook. When children grow, don’t let their love of reading dwindle. Read a chapter from a longer book with your elementary-aged child. For older kids, select a book or series and start a multi-generational book club. Discuss your pick weekly with extended family over skype or FaceTime.

REMINISCE: Dig out old family videos and photo albums and go through them with your children. You’ll enjoy taking a trip down memory lane, and your family will enjoy poking fun at your questionable fashion choices of the past.

WALK:  Taking walks with your family is great exercise and an easy way to catch up on life’s happenings. Make it an evening ritual. Explore your neighborhood or select new parks in the area within a short distance.